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Pet Shop Math & Economics for Grades 3-5 (11:00)

Pet Shop Math & Economics for Grades 3-5 (11:00)

**This Class Is Full**


Course:  Pet Shop Math & Economics for Grades 3-5

Instructor: Stephanie Penick


Price: $175

Class Description: : Using the Simply Charlotte Mason Your Business Math Series curriculum, your student will own a pet shop and use math knowledge to keep his or her very own store running and hopefully, make a profit. We will learn to write checks, figure sales tax, pay bills, and keep a bank account ledger current, all while practicing basic skills like addition, subtraction, and multiplication. We will introduce basic economic and accounting principles such as supply and demand, taxes, and more. This will be a great combination of math and business for any young entrepreneur.

Curriculum: Simply Charlotte Mason Your Business Math, Pet Store

Homework Requirements: Weekly assignments will be given in the student workbook to complete exercises we begin in class. Allow 1-2 hours per week, max.

Duration: 28 weeks

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: Student Workbook, $32.95 

Grading: Not graded. 

Teacher Bio: Stephanie Penick is a homeschooling mom to her two boys. She has a BS in Mathematics and Finance from High Point University, and a Masters degree in Mathematical Finance from UNCC. She loves to make math practical and fun for young minds.

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