Physical Science with Lab for Grades 8-12 (9:00)

Physical Science with Lab for Grades 8-12 (9:00)

Course: Physical Science with Lab for Grades 8-12

Instructor: Keri Griffin


Price: $375

Curriculum: Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science Text 2nd edition (ISBN-13: 978-1932012774 ISBN-10: 193201277X) with Solutions and Tests (the solutions and tests manual contains answers to chapter study guides, tests, and test solutions), 3-ring binder with divider tabs and a Composition Book with gridlines.

Course Description (and Duration): Minimum # of students - 5

Physical Science with lab - (from online description) This middle school physical science course is specifically designed to be the second course taken during junior high. It is created to give middle school students an understanding of the basic world that surrounds them each day of their lives and the forces in creation, so that they can appreciate the real-world relevance of scientific inquiry and the beauty of creation. We believe that students’ education should prepare them for life, not just an academic year. Throughout their academic school year, your students will conduct controlled experiments

where they observe a problem, ask a question, formulate a testable hypothesis, and then conduct the experiment and analyze the data to see if their results support their hypothesis. It involves quantitative data that require measurements. The lab portion of Apologia guides students through this process. Additionally, students will conduct descriptive experiments to use their 5 senses to make qualitative observations and describe what they learn. Again, our homeschool curriculum was designed with your student’s success in mind, and we guide students through this process with detailed

descriptions and photographs. The parent’s job is to ensure that the student completes and understands the assignment and administer and score most tests at home. This class will meet for 1hour for 30 weeks.


This course will be taught by Keri Griffin who earned her AAS degree from Lake Michigan College and then went on to graduate from Michigan State University as an LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technician). Keri has been tutoring high school and college level students from homeschool and public-schools for over 10 years. She has taught a variety of subjects,

through Classical Conversations, Wyzant Tutoring, Kneaded Energy School of Massage and Aristotle Tutoring. She is the Owner of BeachWind Massage Therapy ( ) and Owner and Director of Aristotle Tutoring ( and is available for private tutoring.