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Introduction to Literary Analysis and Composition for Grades 9-12 (11:00

Course: Introduction to Literary Analysis and Composition for Grades 9-12 (11:00)

Instructor: Ellen Dockham

Email: etdockham@gmail.com

Price: $300

Curriculum: IEW’s Windows to the World Student Book ($29, available at iew.com). Students will also need the following works: Jane Eyre (Bronte), To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee), and Romeo and Juliet (I recommend the No Fear Shakespeare version).


Course Description: Why do certain literary works have the power to move us? Using materials from the Institute for Excellence in Writing, your students will discover the answer to this question as they learn how to analyze elements of literature: setting, plot, characterization, imagery, allusions, parallelism, and much more. As we explore a variety of classic short stories, novels, and plays together, we will learn what to look for in a great work of literature and how to think about literature with Christian discernment. We will study the literary devices commonly used by authors and why they work well, and how authors succeed in conveying tone, theme, character, irony, and point of view. Woven into the course will be a variety of writing assignments, with emphasis on how to write a literary analysis essay. This class will be taught by Ellen Dockham, who has been teaching literature and writing courses for 14 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in literature from UNC-Chapel Hill. Ellen has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, a public relations specialist, and a freelance writer. She also offers private tutoring in writing, grammar, reading comprehension, and literary analysis. (30 weeks)


Honos Extra: Students who choose the Extra option for this course will read additional short stories, complete a year-long Biblical allusions project, and produce a research-based project that they will present to their fellow honors students at the end of each semester. Ideas for the project include a research paper on an author or literary technique, a short film, an art piece, or an original short story.

**All Honors Extra classes meet from 10am-Noon on Thursdays at Greensboro Seventh-Day Adventist Church (1320 Fleming Rd). Students will also receive weekly instruction on a rotating schedule of topics including: study skills, research, public speaking, and debate. The honors option will incur an additional tuition charge of $150 per course.