Advanced Math for Grades 10-12 (1:00)

Advanced Math for Grades 10-12 (1:00)

Course: Pre-Calculus 

Instructor: Erica Noble 


Price: $350 ($175/semester) 

Curriculum: Saxon Advanced Math, 2nd Ed. 

Course Description (and Duration):  

For this Pre-Calculus course we will use Saxon Advanced Math, 2nd Ed to look at topics from algebra, geometry,  trigonometry, discrete math, and mathematical analysis. We will cover about four lessons each week. This is a two day  class (1 hour each session).. We will meet on Mondays at Friendly Educators and on Thursdays in Summerfield. This  course is taught by Erica Noble, a homeschooling mom of 14 years. She has a BS in Elementary Education from Abilene  Christian University, a Masters of Education in Administration and Supervision from the University of Houston, and a  Doctorate in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University. Erica has four children. She has graduated two and  is currently homeschooling her two youngest. She has taught in public schools, in homeschool co-ops, on-line ESL  classes, and tutored privately. She has taught Pre-Calculus numerous times using several different math curriculums. (30  Weeks)