Christian Black Belt Academy Taekwondo for Grades K-5 (11:00)

Christian Black Belt Academy Taekwondo for Grades K-5 (11:00)

************This class is FULL. Please consider the 10:00 class************************


Course: Christian Black Belt Academy Taekwondo (11:00) (Offered FALL and SPRING Semester)

Instructor: Ryan Frame


Price: $200 per semester

Curriculum: No purchase required


Course Description: Taekwondo is a Traditional Korean Martial Art, and Christian Black Belt Academy focuses on teaching technique as well as developing moral and spiritual character. Students learn respect for themselves and others, greater concentration, and increased self-discipline and self-control. Students in the Tiny Tigers program (Ages 4-7) learn basic techniques, such as blocks, strikes, and kicks. These fundamental skills increase students' physical coordination, flexibility, balance, and mental awareness. Tiny Tigers students also learn Board Breaking and Sparring and are required to memorize 1 Bible Verse per Belt. Students in the Kids & Adults program (ages 7 & up) begin with basic techniques, and progress to using Forms (patterns) to develop their skills. Kids class participants also develop power by practicing Board Breaking, develop control through Sparring, and are required to memorize 2 Bible Verses per Belt. Testings for new Belts are held on the last scheduled day of classes and are an additional fee, paid directly to CBBA.