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Psychology for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

Psychology for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

Course Name:  Psychology for Grades 9-12

Grade Range:  9 - 12

Instructor:   Martha Poland


Price: $270 for 28 weeks

Course Description: This year-long Intro to Psychology class will include the study of the nervous system, including a sheep brain disection, emotions, motivations, behaviors, memory, personalities, etc!  For our primary curriculum, we will use the Intro to Psychology Unit Study for HIGH SCHOOL from Gather 'Round.  You may purchase the digital version  and print yourself and bring to class in a 3-ring binder.  You may enjoy this if you have younger kiddos who might like to do bookwork alongside older sibling! Or you may purchase the print version of the Psychology book for High School.  For our deep-dive into personalities during 2nd semester, we will be using the book "Wired that Way" by Marita Litauer.   

Course Prerequisites:  N/A

Curriculum used by Instructor:  Gather 'Round Intro to Psychology High School Bundle

Books & Supplies required for purchase by families:  Gather 'Round Intro to Psychology digital version for $19.95 and print yourself OR the hard copy of the Psychology book for High School for $30. 

Homework Requirements:  Approx 2 hours / week + Quiz most weeks outside of class

Duration: 28 weeks 

Grading: Will be comprised of homework grades (50%) and Quiz / Semester Test grades (50%)

Course Credit: 1 elective (could count as a science elective with the brain anatomy)

Teacher Bio: As a business owner with degrees in Biology and Chemistry coupled with years of teaching experience (I taught college-level Anatomy & Physiology to nursing students, multiple high school sciences in private christian school, and now homeschool teacher) as well as entrepreneurship / leadership coaching of business owners over the last 25 years, I'm excited to have the opportunity to share this incredible class with your student.  The curriculum is beautifully written from a Christian world-view and provides not only the opportunity to build a strong foundational knowledge for those who may choose to major in Psychology in college, but most importantly, uses the Bible throughout to encourage building a solid foundation for a lifetime of strong mental health with opportunities for many healthy discussions at home as well.    

Min/Max # of Students:  15

Method and Frequency of communication:  Weekly via email

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