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Public Speaking and Oral Narration for Grades 3-5 (10:00)

Public Speaking and Oral Narration for Grades 3-5 (10:00)

Course:  Public Speaking and Oral Narration for Grades 3-5

Grade Range: 3-5

Instructor: Shelley Campbell


Price: $185  

Curriculum:  Developed by the instructor

Homework Description: Prepare and practice presentations (approximately 30 min per week)

Course Description: In Public Speaking and Oral Narration we will learn to show our nerves who’s boss!  This course is all about having students practice the invaluable life skills of public speaking and narrating. Each week, students will stand in front of the class and respond to an open-ended prompt that they receive in advance. Through the learning of some helpful hints (diaphragmatic breathing, body awareness, eye contact, enthusiasm, etc.) and repetitive practice, students will grow in composure and confidence in their abilities to speak publicly. Whether your child tends toward shyness or is exhilarated by the idea of being in front of a crowd, all personalities are welcome and able to thrive! 

For the narration portion of the class, students will listen to a story read aloud. Working in pairs or small groups, students will take turns retelling the story in their own words. By doing so, students will be learning to listen attentively, sequence logically and highlight relevant details. Students will improve their overall oral articulation. Learning to narrate well is also a powerful precursor to strong writing! This will be my fifth year teaching Public Speaking/Narration at FE and so far, the culture of each class has been remarkably supportive, safe and encouraging! 

Prerequisites: None

Curriculum: Instructor developed (using open-ended prompts for public speaking and high quality children’s books for narration)

Supplies: One drawing notepad + pencils (colored pencils or regular)

Homework: Prepare presentations and practice at home (less than one hour per week)

Duration: 28 weeks

Grading: Students will receive feedback on what they are doing well and what they might improve upon but no grades will be given for this course. 

Course Credit: NA

Teacher Bio: Public Speaking and Oral Narration is taught by Shelley Campbell. Shelley is a published writer and has a degree in middle grades education. She has been teaching her own children (ages 15, 13, 11, and 8) since the beginning of their schooling and has thoroughly enjoyed tutoring at FE for the past 5 years. 

Min/Max Students: Minimum, 8. Maximum, 20. 

Communication: Parents will be emailed every week with a description of what was covered during class as well as the prompt for the following week’s presentation. 

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