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Spanish 2 for Grades 9-12 (10:00)

Spanish 2 for Grades 9-12 (10:00)

Course Name: Spanish 2 for Grades 9-12
Grade Range: 9-12
Instructor: Nancy Pierce
Price: $250 for 28 weeks
Course Description: Are you ready to take your Spanish to the next level? In this Spanish 2 class, you'll build upon your existing foundation and confidently navigate more complex concepts. Get ready to deepen your fluency and cultural understanding through an immersive and interactive approach.
Prepare to be surrounded by Spanish! All instruction, activities, and discussions will be conducted in Spanish, naturally pushing your comprehension and communication skills.
Dive into engaging activities like simulations, debates, cultural presentations, and collaborative projects that keep you actively involved and motivated.
Expand your cultural knowledge and language skills with fun, optional outings throughout the semester. Imagine conversing with native speakers at a local Spanish restaurant, attending a cultural event, or participating in other immersive experiences!
Course Prerequisites: Spanish 1
Curriculum used by Instructor: Spanish is Fun by AMSCO
Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: Spanish is Fun: Book 2 (Student) + Companion Book 
Homework Requirements: Solidify your learning with regular homework assignments that delve deeper into key concepts and provide opportunities for independent practice. Expect diverse activities like writing tasks, research projects, and multimedia exploration.

Duration: 28 weeks
Grading: letter grades
Course Credit: 1 foreing language
Teacher Bio: I’m a homeschool mom of two, enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge of Hispanic cultures. Born and raised in Mexico, I developed a love for the language and its cultural richness from a young age. My international experiences also include living in Chile for almost 3 years with my husband, Jason, giving me a deeper appreciation for the diverse dialects and customs of the Spanish-speaking world.
My expertise extends beyond Spanish. I'm a former management professor and currently teach health and nutrition, alongside a fitness class for moms. This unique background allows me to create dynamic and engaging Spanish lessons that go beyond rote memorization.
My mission in this class is to build my students confidence in communicating in various situations, broaden their cultural understanding of the Hispanic world, and make learning fun and interactive for everyone.
Min/Max # of Students: 8/20
Method and Frequency of communication:I will send a weekly email with instructions and assignments for the following session. 

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