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Sports and PE for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

Sports and PE for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

Course: Sports and PE for Grades 9-12

Instructor: Candice Conner


Price: $160

Class Description: Do you like to play sports? Would you like to be more confident in ALL sports? This is the class for you! You will have fun, you will learn and grow, and you will have confidence in sports that were not your “forte” before! This confidence will be attained through: agility drills, fun relays, and strength training! The entertaining drills and relays will prove to you where the confidence lies. We will play: soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, kickball,baseball, and more! If the weather is against us, I have lots of fun plans! The requirements are: you participate and give it your all! NO ONE leaves my class without confidence and growth. Ask my former students (: You will have fun and be excited each week!!

Curriculum: Sean Bartram HIIT Workouts

Homework Requirements: Practice the sport we worked on at home

Duration: 28 weeks

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: none

Grading: I will be communicating the level of participation

Teacher Bio: Candice holds a BA degree in sociology and her licence in special education. She taught high school until she had her oldest daugher Chloe who is 17. She also has a daugher named Callie who is 14. Both of her daughters are travel soccer players and love the outdoors. Candice has been homeschooling for almost 13 years and loves being a part of all her kids activities. She and her husband are very involved in their daugher's soccer training and youth group and both love hiking and exercising. Candice met her husband when she was the swim coach and he was a lifeguard 25 years ago. Homeschooling and fitness are Candice's passions. She feels blessed to bring her love for sports and PE to FE and looks forward to helping all students become confident in their new adventure in different sports!

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