Health and Nutrition for Grades 9-12 (11:00)

Health and Nutrition for Grades 9-12 (11:00)

Course: Health and Nutrition for Grades 9-12

Instructor: Nancy Pierce


Price: $175

Curriculum: No purchase required

Homework Description: Students are required to come prepared to discuss the assigned topics. The estimated workload is 1-2 hours per week.

Duration: 30 weeks

Course Description: Health and Nutrition is an evidence-based class in which we will look at the facts and misconceptions around food and diet. We will bust diet myths and challenge the idea that there’s a definite list of good and harmful foods for optimal health and performance. We’ll discuss about health issues and their relation to nutrition, debate on different, often controversial, ideas about food and nutrients, and consider evidence to draw our conclusions. Most importantly, we'll give you the opportunity to reflect on your own knowledge and assumptions around the subject. 


This class is taught by Nancy Pierce a homeschool mom, and former management professor and researcher. After becoming a stay-at-home mom, Nancy decided to pursue her passion for nutrition and become a certified nutrition coach. She’s also a group fitness instructor specialized on pre- and post-natal exercise.