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Truth Seekers - Missions/ Bible Study for Grades 3-5 (11:00)

Truth Seekers - Missions/ Bible Study for Grades 3-5 (11:00)

Course Name: Truth Seekers - Missions/ Bible Study for Grades 3-5 
Grade Range: 3-5 
Instructor: Caroline McCormick 
Price: $225 for 28 weeks
Course Description: In this class we will take lessons learned from the Bible and apply them to our life's. We will also talk about topics that kids this age are facing or will be facing. It can be topics such as bullies, peer pressure, encountering different religions, etc. Some of our discussion will be kid lead and some weeks I will present them a discussion question. During our discussion we will refer to the Bible to see what it says about how to handle certain situations. My hope is that we build their confidence so that they can stand strong when facing the world.

On the weeks that we are not opening with discussion we will read Bible stories, work on projects, and incorporate a variety of activities.

Another activity that we will be doing throughout the year will be learning about mission organizations that are in our area. We will pick a couple of these organizations and complete service projects that benefit them. We also may have some speakers from time to time, local missionaries, pastors, etc.I look forward to getting to know your children more and helping to equip them with tools that they can use as they face the world.
Course Prerequisites: none 
Curriculum used by Instructor: Teacher Developed 
Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: 3 ring binder 
Homework Requirements: not every week but age-appropriate research on topics related to what we discussed in class 
Duration: 28 weeks
Grading: none 
Course Credit: none 
Teacher Bio:  This class is taught by Caroline McCormick, who has been homeschooling for 9 years. She has a degree in Early Childhood Development from GTCC and many years of experience working with preschool age. Her and her husband are very involved in the children’s ministry at their church where they are Preschool Directors. She has two children who will be in 7th and 9th grade. This will be her fourth year teaching at Friendly. She looks forward to getting to know the kids and helping them learn more about God’s creation.
Min/Max # of Students: Min 6/ Max 12 
Method and Frequency of communication: once a week email 


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