Beginner Ukulele Class for Grades K-8 (1:00)

Beginner Ukulele Class for Grades K-8 (1:00)

Course: Beginner Ukulele Class for Grades K-8 (1:00)

Instructor: Mr. Scott Johnson


Price: $300.00 (26 weeks)

Curriculum: Easy Ukulele Songs for Kids-Book 1 is required. May be purchased from Mr. Scott or

Course Description: Students will learn how to play and apply ukulele techniques such as reading music/tablature, strumming varies rhythmic patterns, note and chord recognition, pick-patterns and melodies along the fretboard as they practice fun songs inside the course material as well as songs outside the book that are focused and catered to their individual and group interest (e.g. Worship, Rock,Jazz, Oldies etc.). Class time will consist of blocked time for large group instruction of weekly goals, some one-to one time with Mr. Scott for individual attention and growth, as well as paired success with class-mates  in small groups for support.


Scott Johnson is owner at SetApart Music in High Point. He holds a degree in

Sacred Music Education from Gardner-Webb University. He is known locally for his work with Modern Worship Bands, All-County Band auditions, and Song-Writing Workshops. He has released two public studio albums and has been performing in the Triad for the past 10 years! He enjoys his music-mission given by Christ, and the support of his lovely wife Kerri. For more info. visit: or FB: setapartmusicnc.  He is excited to return for his second year in the FE community and looks forward to helping each student become the best they can be. Under Scott’s mentorships, his students have moved into leading worship at their churches, writing and recording albums now on YouTube, and enjoying small group bands and playing opportunities in various communities.