World Geography for Grades 6-8 (1:00)

World Geography for Grades 6-8 (1:00)

Course: World Geography for Grades 6-8 (1:00)

Instructor: Cynthia Zielny


Price:  $210  

Curriculum: Included in tuition. Students will be provided a syllabus, maps, and all other materials.


Course Description:  Geographers consider not only the physical characteristics of Earth's surface but also, the human societies that have spread across and stewarded it. Through engaging mapping and atlas study, we will identify where places are found, and through a look at food, art, stories, games, and other interesting elements of culture, we will explore the relationship between people and their physical environment. A variety of learning approaches will be employed to keep things fresh and engaging. Where, how, and why questions will propel our adventure forward! Most work will be completed in class, but there may be some light homework from time to time as well as an opportunity for students to present  an exciting research topic of their choosing. This fascinating trip around the world will be led by Cynthia Zielny, home school mom of 20+ years. She is an excited life-long learner who is just about to wrap up her bachelor's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Guilford College. (26 weeks)

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