Apologetics and Debate for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

Apologetics and Debate for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

Course: Apologetics and Debate for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

Instructor: Kirsty Hammond

Email: kirsty@hammondsite.com

Price: $200

Curriculum: No Purchase Required; materials may be handed out in class. A Binder, filler paper and writing supplies required.


Course Description:  Be more effective in defending scriptural authority and the truth of Genesis as literal history! Discover succinct and empowering answers to the most-asked questions about Christianity and science today. The debate component of this class will focus on Apologetics content, using Socratic Conversation, Informal Discussion, and Formal Debate methodologies. This class will be taught by Kirsty Hammond, a homeschooling Mom of 12 years. She received a dual Honors degree in Speech Therapy and Audiology, and a Master’s degree focusing on Second Language Acquisition in South Africa. Her journey as a Homeschool Mom, desiring a strong Biblical Foundation for her children, resulted in a passion for Creation science and Apologetics. (26 weeks)

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