Game Development in the Unity Engine for Grades 9-12 (1:00)

Course:  Game Development in the Unity Engine for Grades 9-12 (1:00)

Instructor: Billy Newcomb


Price: $200

Curriculum:  Download Unity3D Personal

Course Description: This course will be about making games in the industry standard game engine, Unity3D.  The students will learn to program and design games throughout this course. At the end of this course students will be able to take the Unity Certified Programmer assessment and have the title of Unity certified programmer before leaving high school!  Billy Newcomb has a BA in visual arts from Averett University and has trained for the last year in game development. All students must have a laptop to work from that meet the minimum specs to run unity found here,  This class will have an online component to complete some of the work.  The reason is that a lot of work in the game industry is done via the internet and it will give the students an idea of how that works. (30 weeks)

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