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World Geography for Grades K-2 (1:00)

Course: World Geography for Grades K-2 (1:00)

Instructor: Tiffany Traylor

Email: tytraylor@gmail.com

Price: $150

Curriculum: No Purchase Required


Course Description: Join our class as we set off on an exciting world tour! We will make passports and “travel” to each continent as we hone our mapping skills and learn about people and cultures, countries and governments, and physical landforms characteristic to each place. Each class will consist of an introductory activity, a fiction or nonfiction story related to the continent of study, and a follow up activity or craft. The students will add pages to their passport books throughout the year as we travel the globe. This class is taught by Tiffany Traylor, a homeschooling mom of 1. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from Tennessee Technological University. Prior to homeschooling her daughter Mrs. Traylor taught over 10 years for schools in Tennessee and Alabama (pre-k - 3rd grade). This is the first year this course will be offered at Friendly Educators. (26 weeks)