Programming with Python for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

Programming with Python for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

Course: Programming with Python for Grades 9-12

Instructor: Nick Stainback


Price: $225  

Curriculum:  No Purchase needed to take the course ($95 if you want to take the certification exam at the end of the year)

Homework Description:  1 hour a day, Complete lessons not completed in class and practice commands and syntax using the online tools.  

Duration: 30 weeks

Course Description:  During this class, we will learn the everything you need to know about programming with the python language.  From basic syntax to database connections, file handling, and touch on data and statistics analysis.  

Your child will need the following to be able to get the most out of this course:

  • Laptop with windows 10 or higher with admin rights to install applications and modules as needed during the course

  • Access to the internet at home with access to domain