World History for Grades 9-12 (1:00)

World History for Grades 9-12 (1:00)

Course: World History for Grades 9-12 

Instructor: Cynthia Zielny 


Price: $250 

Curriculum: World History: Connections to Today ISBN-13: 978-0130627902ISBN  

Course Description (and Duration): 30 weeks 

Students will study the significant events and developments in world history while considering global themes that connect our world today. Through our readings, we will explore the fascinating relationship of economic,  artistic, religious, scientific, and geographic influences. This will provide a springboard for lively discussion and moral contemplations. The main text will be World History by Prentice Hall, which is accessible and well ordered with maps, timelines, study tips, original source texts, and engaging questions. The 2003 version has been chosen which will greatly reduce the cost of the text, and it is readily available on many used book sites.  This engaging trip around the globe will be led by Cynthia Zielny, who is a home school mom of 20+ years and has taught students in the community for the past 15 years. She is a former Academic Advisor for Classical  Conversations Inc. and studied Peace and Conflict Studies and Philosophy at Guilford College.