World Religions for Grades 7-12 (11:00)

World Religions for Grades 7-12 (11:00)

     ***This is a 1 Semester / 13 Week SPRING Course***


Course: World Religions - Grades 7-12

Instructor: Dr. Jason Noble


Price: $150

Curriculum Needed: 

·         George McDermott, World Religions: An Indispensable Introduction, Thomas Nelson, 2011 ISBN 978141854597

·         Michael Green, But Don't All Religions Lead to God?: Navigating the Multi-Faith Maze, Baker, Grand Rapids, 2002 ISBN 0801064392. 

·         The teacher will provide all other material and required course readings.

Homework: Students will be asked to invest 2-3 hours per week in this course.  The time allotted can be moderated by the parents depending on the parent’s leaning goals for the student and the student’s learning capacity.  Homework could include assignments like: reading, journaling, writing assignments, projects, field trips, and/or watching digital content. 

Course Description and Duration: The study of the religions of the world is a study of the world’s history, cultures and its peoples.  This class offers a broad understanding of the beliefs and practices of the world’s major religions, from a Christian perspective.  By investing in the study of the world’s religions, learners will: broaden their understanding of the world in which they live, deepen their understanding of their own Christian faith, and think more precisely about their interactions with and witness among those who are committed to the religions of the world.  Student will need access to YouTube for the video portion of the class, and an attempt will be made to schedule field trips with the class throughout the year.  Depending on the availability of the various locations and the transportation needs of the students, the field trips might take place during or outside of the class time.  These learning experiences are an enriching part of the overall learning experience.  In the past we have visited a Jewish temple, a Jewish Chabad house, a Mosque and a Sikh Gurdwara.  This class will meet in the spring semester. 


World Religions is taught by Jason Noble, the Preaching Minister at the Friendly Avenue Church of Christ.  He is the father of four homeschooled children, and he enjoys helping coach the Forsyth Home Educators Home School Baseball Team each spring.  Jason has his Doctorate in Preaching and Church leadership.