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Writing and Grammar Essentials for Grades K-2 (1:00)

Writing and Grammar Essentials for Grades K-2 (1:00)

Course: Writing and Grammar Essentials for Grades K-2

Instructor: Amber Rae Flinchum


Price: $200

Class Description: Using a multi sensory approach combined with guided practice students will begin by mastering the formation of writing individual letters. The class will then take this further by forming words as we learn spelling, forming sentences as we learn grammar, and eventually writing short paragraphs, poetry, and maybe even a short story

Curriculum: Various curriculums including Montessori Writing, Handwriting Without Tears, and Essentials in Writing

Homework Requirements: 30 min per week

Duration: 28 weeks

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: none

Grading: not graded

Teacher Bio: This class is taught by Amber Flinchum, who has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education as well as Mathematics. She has taught PreK – Elementary School before working in the Corporate World of Finance. She is now a stay at home mom homeschooling her son Warren...loving every well as teaching online math classes to ages 3-18. She has a heart for littles and teaches Sunday School and Awanas to Preschoolers. Where writing and grammar are concerned, she feels that every child is unique and early writing progresses through recognizable stages. Children have lots of ideas and communicating that on paper is a window into their thoughts and that's both beautiful and endearing.

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