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Writing and Grammar for Grades 6-8 (1:00)

Writing and Grammar for Grades 6-8 (1:00)

Please note - this class is full.


Course Name: Writing and Grammar for Grades 6-8
Grade Range: 6-8
Instructor: Callie Cornelius
Price: $250 for 28 weeks
Course Description: Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s “Following Narnia Volume 1: The Lion’s Song,” students will learn multiple forms of writing. We will go through nine units, including note taking and outlines, summarizing references, and inventive writing. While learning to write, students will develop their understanding of language by reading the first three books in C. S. Lewis’ famous series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Students will grow in their ability to write, their understanding of English grammar, and their appreciation for quality literature. This class will prepare students for High School English. 
Course Prerequisites: None
Curriculum used by Instructor: IEW’s “Following Narnia Volume 1: The Lion’s Song” 
Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: IEW’s “Following Narnia Volume 1: The Lion’s Song” ($35); The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis (Approximately $8); The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis (Approximately $8); The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis (Approximately $8)
Homework Requirements: Students will create outlines, write papers, and read chapters of the first three Narnia books. Expect 2-3 hours per week. 
Duration: 28 weeks
Grading: Percentage and Letter Grade
Course Credit: Middle School English/Grammar
Teacher Bio: Callie Cornelius is a homeschool graduate and current university student pursuing a degree in Classical Civilizations with a focus in Latin at UNCG. Callie benefited from learning from a wide range of curriculum during her homeschool education, including Classical Conversations and Veritas Press. She is passionate about the homeschool community and providing families with the best education. The Chronicles of Narnia was her favorite book series growing up. This will be her fifth year teaching and her fourth at FE. 
Min/Max # of Students: 6 min/15 max
Method and Frequency of communication: Weekly emails 

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