Writing with IEW for Grades 6-8 (9:00)

Writing with IEW for Grades 6-8 (9:00)

Course: Writing with IEW for Grades 6-8 (9:00)

Instructor: Ellen Dockham

Email: etdockham@gmail.com

Price: $225

Curriculum Needed:  IEW’s Modern World History-Based Writing Lessons, Student Book only. ($29, available at iew.com). Parents new to IEW are required to purchase the Structure and Style Overview DVD from IEW ($10). 


Course Description: Using materials from the Institute for Excellence in Writing, your student will progress through nine units: key word outlining, writing from key words, narrative stories, summarizing references, writing from pictures, multiple source research, creative writing, essay writing, and critiques. We will also study helpful grammar concepts as they arise in our writing. 

This class will be taught by Ellen Dockham, who has been teaching with IEW for 15 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill. Ellen has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, a public relations specialist, and a freelance writer. She also offers private tutoring in writing, grammar, reading comprehension, and literary analysis. (26 weeks)

NOTE: If your 6th-grader has one year or less of IEW experience, choose the 3rd-6th grade level of this course.

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