Writing with IEW for Grades 6-8 (10:00)

Writing with IEW for Grades 6-8 (10:00)

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Course: English for Grades 6-8 (10:00) 

Instructor: Callie Cornelius 

Email: cacorneliustutor@gmail.com 

Price: $225 

Curriculum: IEW Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons, A Place in the Sun (Rubalcaba), Tales from the Odyssey Part 1 (Osborne), The Gilgamesh Trilogy (Zeman), Who Was King Tut? (Edwards), The Charioteer of Delphi (Lawrence), The Secrets of Vesuvius (Lawrence), The Golden Goblet (McGraw), Who Was Alexander the Great? (Waterfield and Waterfield), Mara Daughter of the Nile (McGraw) 

Course Description (and Duration): Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s ancient history based outline, students will learn multiple forms of writing. We will go through nine units, among which are note making and outlines, summarizing references, and formal essays. We will also be reading several books based in the ancient world. This class is taught by Callie Cornelius, a homeschool graduate and current college student pursuing a degree in Ancient History with a minor in Literature. Callie benefited from learning from a wide range of curriculum during her homeschool education, including Classical Conversations and Veritas Press. This will be her second year teaching for Classical Conversations and her first year at FE. (30 Weeks)