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Elements of Graphic Design for Yearbook for Grades 7-12 (11:00)

Course: Elements of Graphic Design for Yearbook for Grades 7-12 (11:00)

Instructor: Dawn Casas

Email: dawncasas@hotmail.com

Price: $200

Curriculum: No purchase required


Course Description: Using curriculum from the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), this class will give students exposure to the graphic design process and design problems as a way of introducing them to visual communication. Class topics and focus will include: Introduction to graphic design, 2D design basics—points, lines, and planes, Gestalt—shape, balance, rhythm, unity, color, the design process and typography. This class will also use these skills practically by applying what they’ve learned to develop the Friendly Educators Yearbook for the 2019-2020 school year. Each class period will include a graphic design learning element, plus application time to the yearbook design. The class can serve as an elective credit or a fine arts credit for high schoolers, as the curriculum meets National Visual Arts Standards. This class is taught by Dawn Casas, a college professor and course developer. She has a Master’s in Education and a Ph.D. in Communication. A former public and private school teacher, she has homeschooled her own daughters for 10 years. She’s very interested both in fine art as well as design and enjoys teaching the topics she loves! (15 weeks in fall, 13 weeks in spring)