Yearbook for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

Yearbook for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

Course: Yearbook

Instructor: Andrea Spencer


Price: $100.00

Curriculum: N/A

Homework Description: 1 hour a week, gathering information for the yearbook and creating content

Duration: 26 week class

Course Description: In this class, students are tasked with producing a timeless and creative publication which will record Friendly Educator’s community, memories, and events. Students will learn the basic principles of yearbook production and develop skills that include creating and organizing content, digital photography, conducting interviews, page design, content writing, editing and teamwork. This yearbook is created in TreeRing, an online software yearbook company. Mandatory requirements for this class include: a laptop that can be brought to class with ability to connect to WiFi and home access to a laptop or desktop computer with ability to connect to the internet.


This class will be taught by Andrea Spencer, who has instructed the yearbook class for two years. She loves design, creativity and has spent many years as a church band director. As a mother of five, she is in her 20th year of homeschooling. This will be Andrea's 2nd year serving on the Friendly Educators Board.