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Discipling our Children for FE Parents (10:00)

Discipling our Children for FE Parents (10:00)

Course Name: Discipling our Children for FE Parents
Grade Range: Mom Class
Instructor: Kirsty Hammond
Price: $20 for 28 weeks
Course Description: Barna 2019 found that 64% of young adults with a Christian background dropped out of church in their 20’s (increase from 59% in 2011).  73% of U.S. parents are concerned about their children’s spiritual development. Mothers have been identified as the primary “Spiritual Coach” for their children (mom is the primary participation partner for teens in ‘talking about God’ 70%, prayer 63%, faith questions 72%...).  Only 28% of Christians are actively involved in a discipleship relationship. (statistics from Barna research group
•    How do we train our children in the way they should go? (Prov 22:6)
•    How can you disciple your own children when you have never been discipled yourself? 
•    How do we disciple kids? How can you disciple at __age?
•    Are there discipleship strategies that we can implement in our homes today? YES!
Meet together to learn, practice, support – to disciple each other, as we then disciple our children.
Course Prerequisites: none
Curriculum used by Instructor:  tutor developed
Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: Many resources will be shared and examined. None are mandatory, but many will be appealing to add to your personal arsenal/library.

Homework Requirements:  study, practice, implementation.
Duration: 28 weeks
Grading: none
Course Credit: none
Teacher Bio: Kirsty Hammond, 15 year homeschool Mom of 3 (now) adult children. 2 Timothy 2:15 instructs us to “….study to show yourself approved…”, which is something that I have been doing for years. I dragged my children along on that journey. I stand firm on the promise in Proverb 22:6 that if we “train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it”. I believe that we are called to be in relationship with each other within the community of God, and in that community we will learn, grow and flourish.
Min/Max # of Students: min 6/ max 12

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