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Hand Sewing for Grades 3-5 (1:00)

Hand Sewing for Grades 3-5 (1:00)

Please note - this class is full.


Course Name: Elementary Hand Sewing for Grades 3-5
Grade Range: 3-5
Instructor: Abigail Hicks
Price: $ 200 for 28 weeks
Course Description: In this class students will learn the basics of hand sewing. They will learn how to thread a needle of different sizes, how to sew the 6 basic stitches that can be used in both hand sewing and embroidery. They will learn how to make simple crafts using what they have learned, they will also be exposed to crochet, embroidery, cross stitching and learn how to make different styles of bracelets. We will also do a service project in October for those who are fighting breast cancer. Your students will come home with so many projects that they can share proudly. This class is for both students who have
had some sewing experience and no experience at all. Any questions, please ask!
Course Prerequisites: none
Curriculum used by Instructor: Instructor developed
Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: The only material that is required is a good pair of scissors. The sharpness is what you are comfortable with them having. I will send out an email of what I recommend once sign ups have taken place. It is suggested that students have either a fabric marker or a black marker too (again I will send out some recommendations). Most materials will be provided for the students. Students are always welcome to get their own supplies. During the service project, students will have to purchase a bag of poly fil, but links will be provided several weeks in advance (most of the time it can be found at Walmart for about $5).
Homework Requirements: Only to bring scissors, marker and a positive attitude to class
Duration: 28 weeks

Grading: none
Course Credit: none
Teacher Bio: My name is Abby and I am a certified Spanish teacher. I taught public school for twelve years and then decided to stay home with my kids and homeschool. My grandmother was a well known seamstress in North Carolina and taught me how to sew along with my mother. When I am not teaching Spanish online,you can find us gardening, preserving food, playing with our farm animals and doing crafts.
Min/Max # of Students: min of 6/ max of 14
Method and Frequency of communication: Parents will get a weekly email

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