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Intro to Middle School Math for Grades 5-7 (2:00)
  • Intro to Middle School Math for Grades 5-7 (2:00)

    Course Name: Intro to Middle School Math for Grades 5-7
    Grade Range: 5-7
    Instructor: Stephanie Penick
    Price: $220 for 28 weeks
    Course Description: Solidify the math skills that will be needed for more advanced middle school math, pre-algebra and more. Whether your student is ready for more advanced middle school topics and/or in need of remediation of skills to prepare for more advanced topics, this class is a launchpad for both. Using the Singapore math method that focuses on mastery through the gradual sequencing of concepts, students will learn to think mathematically, not simply memorization and replication. The goal is to instill a curiosity to further explore math, with different levels of problem solving and real world applications of math topics. Using the Dimensions Math Textbooks to introduce concepts, the weekly lessons will encourage discussion and help students understand the strategies for mathematical problem solving. Corresponding exercises in workbooks will be assigned to reinforce and practice new knowledge. Your student will progress through weekly lessons covering topics such as: Order of operations, fractions, decimals, negative numbers, rate/ratio/percents, algebraic expressions, equations & inequalities, coordinates & graphs, area & volume, data & graphing, and more!
    Course Prerequisites: 4th or 5th grade math curriculum
    Curriculum used by Instructor: Singapore, Dimensions Math 6A and 6B
    Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: Dimensions 6A Textbook & workbook and 6B Textbook & Workbook (sample pages available online)
    $80 Total for all 4 books new
    Homework Requirements: Students will be assigned daily practice in the textbook and workbook to do at home throughout the week to practice/reinforce the topics covered in class, as well as daily cumulative reviews. Allow 30-60 min daily
    Duration: 28 weeks
    Grading: Not graded. Assessments are available in the textbook for parents to evaluate progress at home
    Course Credit: 
    Teacher Bio: Stephanie Penick is a homeschooling mom to her two boys. She has a BS in Mathematics and Finance from High Point University, and a Masters degree in Mathematical Finance from UNCC. She loves to make math practical and fun for young minds.
    Min/Max # of Students: Min 5, no max
     Method and Frequency of communication (how often will you communicate with families/students and via which method i.e. email): Weekly emails will be sent to parents to summarize what was covered in class and provide any additional resources needed for at-home review.

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