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Keeping Music Fun for Grades 3 - 5 (2:00)
  • Keeping Music Fun for Grades 3 - 5 (2:00)

    Course Name: Keeping Music Fun for Grades 3 - 5 
    Grade Range : 3-5
    Instructor: Mr. Scott Johnson
    Price: $215   (28 weeks)
    Course Description: Students will continue their introduction to music education in this fun group atmosphere that will reinforce skills learned (K-2) and train new-comers as well.  This course will expand our use of music through movement, games, singing, playing desk-bells, videos, and instrument activities as well as add new skills utilizing percussion, ukulele, recorder, early piano and guitar.
    Course Prerequisites: None; Joy of music
    Curriculum used by Instructor: Prodigies for the YOUNG MUSICIAN-Rob Young  and              Keeping Music Fun-Scott Johnson
    Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: *required:

    1. In class set-up of the Free desk-bells app on parents’ preferred mobile device of choice.
    *not-required, but preferred for best results

    2. Your child’s on set of desk-bells (CNDBD) to enhance the class experience.  Can be bought from Mr. Scott or then sold to future up-coming grades when finished. $35.00-$65.00

    Homework Requirements: Practice the song of the day.  Login to the free website regularly for growth with videos and musical terms.
    Duration: 28 weeks
    Grading: None, quizzes given.
    Course Credit: Elective
    Teacher Bio: Scott Johnson is owner at SetApart Music in High Point.  He holds a degree in Sacred Music Education from Gardner-Webb University.  He is known locally for his work with elementary guitar/ukulele lessons, Modern Worship Bands, All-County Band auditions, and Song-Writing Workshops.  For the past 15 years he has been teaching and performing on a variety of instruments ranging from piano and guitar to ukulele and school instruments.  He enjoys his music-mission given by Christ, and the support of his lovely wife Kerri. For more info. visit: or on FB: setapartmusicnc.
    He is excited to be returning the FE community for his fourth year and looks forward to sharing his gifts and talents with its youngest members as they explore the joys that music can bring to life.

    Min/Max # of Students: Min 6 / Max 15 (depending on assistance)
    Method and Frequency of communication: Email every two weeks, text with Parent if needed. Encourage use of materials and free website login (included).

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