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Reading Comprehension through Read Alouds for Grades K-2 (11:00)

Reading Comprehension through Read Alouds for Grades K-2 (11:00)

Course Name: Reading Comprehension through Read Alouds for Grades K-2

Grade Range: K-2

Instructor: Leanna Earwood


Price: $200 for 28 weeks

Course Description: We will read a different book each week and do activities that correspond with the story. We will learn reading comprehension concepts such as inferring, predicting, retelling, making connections, vocabulary, and more. We will do plenty of craftivities too!

Course Prerequisites: scissor control

Curriculum used by Instructor: Engaging Readers Interactive Read Aloud Curriculum (from TPT by Deanna Jump)

Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: Standard composition notebook ($1), basic school/craft supplies for your child to use each class (pencil, crayons, glue stick, scissors) ($8-10) any brand is fine!
Homework Requirements: N/A

Duration: 28 weeks

Grading: N/A

Course Credit: N/A

Teacher Bio: Mrs. Earwood is a former 1st grade teacher, turned homeschool mom. She has taught in public, charter, and university-model schools as well as homeschool co-ops. She has a passion for teaching and loved her time in the classroom before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She is an active member of her church Lawndale Baptist Church and serves in ministry alongside her husband, Pastor Kyle, here at Lawndale. Mrs. Earwood has a desire to help kids build a strong love of reading in these crucial first years of school and believes that read-alouds are a great way for them to hear wonderful literature and practice skills necessary for becoming strong readers themselves.

Min/Max # of Students: 6/16

Method and Frequency of communication: by email as needed

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