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Social Studies for Grades K-2 (11:00)
  • Social Studies for Grades K-2 (11:00)

    Course Name: Social Studies for Grades K-2
    Grade Range: K-2
    Instructor: Lindsay Darienzo
    Price: $175 for 28 weeks
    Course Description: This course will focus on giving students an understanding of what it means to be a responsible citizen - rules and laws, good and bad choices, respect and responsibility, and friendship and honesty. We will also study what life looked like for people in the past comparing that to what our life looks like today. We will close the year by touching on economics looking at how jobs and money affect people in a community, wants and needs, and spending and saving. This course is a great introduction to history for our littlest learners. We will create an interactive notebook and do crafts along the way. We will also use books and pictures to bring the lesson to life, especially when learning about the past. History has always been a passion of mine, and I hope to create that same love for the past, present, and future in each of my students. 
    Course Prerequisites: None
    Curriculum used by Instructor: Teacher created
    Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: spiral notebook, scissors, crayons, and a glue stick
    Homework Requirements: none
    Duration: 28 weeks
    Grading: n/a
    Course Credit: n/a
    Teacher Bio: Hello, I’m Lindsay Darienzo. I am currently a stay at home mom, who is homeschooling my 10th grader, 2nd grader, and preschooler. I have a bachelor of science degree in secondary education with majors in English and History. I have 5 years traditional classroom experience, and 2 years experience as a teacher in a hybrid homeschool academy in Florida. Additionally, I am finishing up my sixth year homeschooling. Time flies when you are having fun! This  will be my second year at Friendly Educators, and we have enjoyed being part of this community so much! My favorite part of teaching is the light bulb moment - when a student understands a concept (they may have previously struggled with), and you see their face light up in understanding. I have a passion for learning and reading (I love to read in my spare time, especially Historical Fiction). I look forward to having your student in my class!
    Min/Max # of Students: 7/12
    Method and Frequency of communication: Email communication to parents will be sent bi-weekly.

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