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Story Science for Grades 3-5 (1:00)
  • Story Science for Grades 3-5 (1:00)

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    Course Name: Story Science for Grades 3-5

    Grade Range: Grades 3-5
    Instructor: Amber Heydel
    Price: $255 for 28 weeks
    Course Description: In Story Science, we will be reading picture books and uncovering the science within. Every class introduces a new story, with new possibilities (or impossibilities) that beg to be explored.
    For example, can Horton the Elephant really sit on an egg? Is an egg strong enough to support anything heavier than a bird? Why would a bird not sit on her own egg? Can a T-Rex hold the entire class in its mouth? Can we all stand within the footprint of a dinosaur? Can we build a bed fit for a queen? Or use chalk to draw a humpback whale in actual size? And what about a blue whale? 
    These are GREAT questions and this class will uncover answers through hands-on exploration. Students should come to class with their imagination, curiosity, and questions, expecting to step into discovery by doing. If your child wants to sit quietly at a table and do worksheets, this class will not be a good fit for them! 
    Because each week presents a different story and subject, this class is a great option for those students wishing to join a class mid-year. Additionally, parents can expect to receive weekly emails to summarize what was learned in each class so that conversations with their students can continue at home. :)
    Course Prerequisites: N/A
    Curriculum used by Instructor: I use countless resources, but develop my curriculum myself. :)
    Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: I estimate that I spend about $20-25 per student per semester on supplies. Everything I do is hands on (or feet on) and I have a lot of random supplies I bring each week. I factor this into my class cost and do all purchasing and supplying so I can get bulk deals and make sure I have what is needed. Parents have nothing they need to supply aside from an occasional request for paper towel rolls. 
    Homework Requirements: None. Not really. I do have one “build at home” contraption that I have kids do. (Next year will be something to protect an egg, like Horton the Elephant and the following is another means for the Billy Goats Gruff family to get across the river because bridges are too risky.) If a kid forgets or didn’t have time or a parent forgets, it’s ok. We all learn what happens when an unprotected egg goes splat. Science is learning from everyone. 
    Duration: 28 weeks
    Grading: n/a
    Course Credit: n/a
    Teacher Bio: I graduated in 2004 from Pepperdine University with a degree in Elementary Education. I have four children and began homeschooling them from Kindergarten. The oldest graduated in the spring of 2021. Back in 2010, I joined a Christian co-op in Calfornia and spent about 7 years teaching classes covering many subjects, before switching to an administrative role when my family expanded. My favorite subject to teach, by far, is science. Full of surprises, kids in my classroom instinctively back up when I put on my goggles. (Safety First!) My adventurous and playful nature accompanies me when I step into a classroom, but at home, this plays out through outdoor adventure and enjoying board games with anyone who is willing. Additionally, I serve on the board of Leadership USA and am actively involved in their program that engages teenagers in leadership and discipleship training.
    Min/Max # of Students: 12-15 is ideal
    Method and Frequency of communication: Once a week; a summary of what we learned in class and *Optional* ways to extend learning at home.

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