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World War I and World War II History for Grades 7-8 (9:00)
  • World War I and World War II History for Grades 7-8 (9:00)

    Course Name: World War I and World War II History for Grades 7-8
    Grade Range: Grades 7-8
    Instructor:  Kelly Jewell
    Price: $250 for 28 weeks
    Course Description: "This is a war to end all wars!” -Woodrow Wilson

    “There is no time for Ease and Comfort… It is time to Dare and Endure…I have nothing to offer except blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” -Winston Churchill

    In the fall semester, students will study WWI. Using primary resources from the National Archives, each student will receive the records of a soldier that they will follow through the war. Students will study the battles that their soldier fought in, read books & create a timeline and other projects all centered around the War and their soldier’s individual role in it. The class will be supplemented with music, art, photographs from the time period as well as occasionally watching video clips to bring certain battles & events to life. The Spring Semester will mimic the fall semester. Students will receive the records of a WWII soldier that they will follow throughout the war, reading books, creating timelines & projects all centered around the war and their particular soldier’s experience in it. Luckily, there are still some living WWII vets remaining! I hope to bring several special speakers into the class who can share their wartime experiences as an American soldier, a child living in Germany and a Holocaust survivor. We will end the year with a special celebration honoring World War I and World War II soldiers.
    Course Prerequisites: n/a
    Curriculum used by Instructor: Instructor developed
    Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: Pending
    Homework Requirements
    Duration: 28 weeks
    Grading: pass or fail
    Course Credit: n/a
    Teacher Bio: This class is taught by Kelly Jewell, a long-time History and genealogy enthusiast. She believes that the study of history can be enlivened through the use of primary resources, the study of individual lives and by studying historical events in context with the literature, art and music of the time. Mrs. Jewell is a former middle school history teacher and has undergraduate degrees in History and Deaf Education as well as a Masters in Education. She is entering her sixteenth year of homeschooling. She has four children ages 14-20.
    Min/Max # of Students: 5/15
    Method and Frequency of communication: Bi-Weekly communication with parents.

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